Brushing the rust off

This summer marked the longest time I have gone without skiing since I had my shoulder reconstructed in 2009. Since I have been getting out and started to shake the rust off, I figured I would dust the cobwebs off this ol’ website too.

This summer was spent working my ass off to pay the debts I had accumulated leading up to the Denali trip, but I can proudly say I am debt free. What is more exciting is I made enough to book trips to Japan and Revelstoke this winter, plus a new touring setup that is more playful and pow specific then my previous mountaineering setup.

To date I have gotten out 9 days this season. I have been lucky to tour with some great skiers, boarders, and photographers. The snow has been incredible, with some days trumping anything we had last season. That being said, I’ll leave a few photos filled with stoke until next time.

Photos are credited to Dmitry S. and Kolben S.

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