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The Busiest Year of My Life

About this time 1 year ago, I decided I would go back to school for my Masters degree in teaching. This meant that all summer I juggled 12 hour paving shifts at night and school during the day. On the worst days this meant catching a 2 hour nap in the morning before class and […]

Things I Like

It is August. People are getting after it in the southern hemisphere, ski movie trailers are dropping left and right, and there is new products to drool over. All of that is happening; meanwhile, I am losing my mind during the summer construction season. With days off only coming on rain days, I haven’t had […]

Our Alaska Range

There wasn’t as much snow as we had hoped for, but we managed to make it interesting anyway. Take a look at some of the shenanigans that Gabe, Noah, and I got into when we visited the Alaska Range. (No music means it is authentic, not that I got lazy while editing right?)

Valdez via The Space Shuttle

I was planning on boring everyone with an account of a trip to Valdez that Noah, Liam, and I went on. Luckily Noah wrote a much wittier account of the trip, so go check it out at: While you are there, take a look at Noah’s new shuttle service that is targeted towards Alaskan […]


The plan was simple. Fly to Seattle, meet up with Peter and Maia, summit Rainer in a couple days, then spend the rest of the trip skiing the surrounding area. We picked March for the trip because we assumed we would catch the tail end of winter snow, but have the benefit of plenty of […]

December Spines (Bye, bye 2016)

This year marks a big change in the way I am approaching skiing. For the first time in 8 years, I am not coaching, instructing, or even skiing at the resort. I have recommitted myself to making skiing as fun as possible. Gone are the days of skiing the resort just to increase the number […]

One Year: A Ski Edit (2015-2016)

This time last year (mid May) I was trudging up Denali. A year later, I have had one of my best ski seasons ever. I was able to summit Denali, slay pow in Japan, huck cliffs in BC, and shred spines in AK. During this year long ski extravaganza, I tried to capture the best moments […]


It’s no longer a secret. Japan’s pow is ridiculous. Equipped with this knowledge, Elias Holt, Sarah Ward, and myself booked a flight to Japan’s northern island, Hokkaido. The following is a brief day-by-day breakdown of our adventure.   Flying to Hokkaido I boarded a redeye flight in Anchorage’s international airport on January 10th. Nearly 24 […]

Brushing the rust off

This summer marked the longest time I have gone without skiing since I had my shoulder reconstructed in 2009. Since I have been getting out and started to shake the rust off, I figured I would dust the cobwebs off this ol’ website too. This summer was spent working my ass off to pay the […]

The Goods

With the summer slowly dragging to a close, I find myself deeply entrenched in my yearly gear obsession bonanza. In honor of this annual gear geeking ritual, I decided to say my 2 cents on some of my favorite pieces of equipment from last winter and the Denali expedition. To keep it short, I’ve narrowed […]