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Getting After It!

Blogging round 2. Lets see if I can be more motivated to keep it updated. This season, 2014-2015, has marked a huge uptick in my time and confidence in the backcountry. I have found myself skiing and assessing bigger and bigger lines with more comfort. Part of the reason for this increase in field time […]

It has Begun

Yesterday, November 6th, marked the first day of my 2013-2014 ski season. A buddy and I got an early start and headed north out of Anchorage to Hatcher’s Pass. We arrived at the parking lot around 9am and proceeded to skin towards Microdot. As we approached, we could see recent avalanche activity on east facing […]

Reliving the Past

As I begin this blog to share my personal backcountry adventures and experiences, I thought I would start with a look back on past photos. Future posts will contain current trips, venues, and additional information designed to help others share in the experience.